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When it's time to relax

We know you don’t always travel for business…Sometimes, you get to relax and do the things you enjoy most. Whether you like to play in the snow or the sand or be on slopes, the green or the sea, we can help.

We’ll Do the Heavy Lifting

Why spend hours online trying to figure out how to plan the perfect vacation? ITA has leisure travel specialists who can do the research for you. We’ll put together trip options and then meet with you to review your choices. Just call our Leisure Travel Department directly at (800) 622-4099, email a request to, or simply complete the online form below, and someone will contact you.

Give Them the World!

What better gift can you give someone than the entire world? We have gift certificates that make excellent retirement, graduation or wedding gifts. Come to think of it, whatever the occasion, who wouldn’t want a gift that gives them unlimited travel possibilities? Let their imagination run wild! Call (800) 622-4099 or email for more information about our gift certificate program.


The information provided will be used solely to assist us in completing your travel arrangements as quickly and efficiently as possible. It will be appropriately safeguarded and shared only with those individuals making travel arrangements on your behalf.

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Please provide passenger names as they appear on government issued photo ID. Depending on your destination you may need a passport that is valid for 6 months after travel.

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